Integrated approach

REMKEY LTD is a company specializing in data collection and interpretation for marketing and IT purposes.
In accordance with the goals of the customer, we are able to investigate any goods or services market and prepare and implement a strategy to bring the product to this market. The client is only required to set a task, while we undertake obligations to implement the client's plans in the shortest possible time.
In addition, we offer IT consulting and auditing services to streamline the workflow. Also, our developers can help our clients implement optimal business software for their needs.

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Our mission & goals

The REMKEY LTD team sees its mission as providing the easiest and fastest start for customers looking to enter new markets. Our goal is to create strategies and IT solutions that our clients could apply in the future to expand their own businesses.

Accurate analytics

Risk management is one of the keys to successfully launching a startup. We will help you calculate your risks.

Strategy selection

We will collect the necessary data and suggest to you the best ways to build a marketing campaign and optimize your budget.

Time management

Time is money. We guarantee that the chosen strategy will start to bring results in the shortest possible time.

Working process

In solving business challenges, we rely on the most effective technological solutions, as well as the latest research in the field of marketing, social behavior, and more.
Knowing the target audience, understanding its behavior, as well as finding options for involving the audience in the sphere of business interests of our clients are essential components of launching a successful marketing campaign.

* There is always more to see, and we want our clients will know as much as possible about the possible ways to reach their goals

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Our benefits

REMKEY LTD is your reliable partner in such areas as software development, website promotion, and creation, data analysis, market research, developing strategies for promoting goods and services, and preparing promo materials.

Client oriented

We offer solutions that will make them convenient to use now and in the future.

Modern technology

The rapid growth of the audience is guaranteed by modern technologies.


We guarantee the achievement of the goals set by the client in terms of expectations, time, and budget.

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